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We bring you the latest trends and fabulous styles. Our stylist and hairdressers will make you feel and look fantastic.


Fashions and trends always change but the elements of a great haircut are always the same. Sounds simple but a great haircut is one that you love. Our hairdressers will listen to what you want, ask you lots of questions to make sure we are fully aligned to what you really want.

Cut the weight out not the length!

Love your long locks but they’re looking ratty at the ends? W Hair Bar hairdressers create great haircuts when they can create shape and remove weight without having to cut lots of layers. W Hair Bar hairdressers knows how to achieve the style you’re after without creating an unmanageable mess. The only caveat to this is that if you have lots of split ends and/or heat damage from irons… a great hairdresser will tell you that they need the chop.

A great haircut looks great from haircut to haircut.

W Hair Bar hairdressers will tell you how long your hairstyle will look fabulous for. If our hairdressers tells you that your hairstyle is going to last 6, 8,10 or 12 weeks, you know that it will be accurate. If you leave it longer then you’re likely to start loosing the shape and the style.

A great hairdresser creates great transition hairstyles.

I want it long.
I break up with my partner and I get it cut short.
I love it short but now I want it long.
I want to go short but I’m not sure how I’ll look.

W Hair Bar hairdressers have styled hair for a long time, so a great hairdresser can create great hairstyles no matter where you’re headed. We’ve transitioned our clients from short to long, from long to longer and somewhere in between and each and every time – they look Wonderful!

You wear your hair in the style that has been created for you.

Sounds easy but what’s the point of having a hairstyle if you’re forever wearing a headband, ponytail or cap. W Hair Bar hairdressers are going to create a great hairstyle that you’ll love and find easy to take care of on your own. That doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a ponytail, but a great hairdresser will show you how to make a great hairstyle out of it!

W Hair Bar hairdressers interpret trends to make them suit you.

Some hairstyles simply won’t work as well with fine hair as they will with thick. Some women can carry off a certain style better than others but a great hairdresser can always interpret a great haircut in a way that suits you to a tee.